Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dream 7. Nein!

I was working at the front desk, evening shift. I was called up to a room to bring fresh towels. There was a girl chained up in the bathroom. I say "girl" but she look to be in her 20's. She was wearing a nightgown and looked very distraught. I ran into the bathroom and shut the door quickly so that whoever was there in the room & holding this girl there wouldn't see me and chain me, too. The girl was being forced to complete jigsaw puzzles. They were really easy puzzles, too, children's puzzles, like 10 piece things, but she couldn't solve them. Rather than feel sorry for her, I wondered why in the hell she couldn't figure those puzzles out.

The door opened and there stood a drunk, shirtless and sweaty Till Lindemann, from Rammstein. He unchained the girl and moved her out into the room, chaining her to the base of the bed somehow, so she was still on the floor. He told her (in English) that once she finished two puzzles, he'd let her go, but she just couldn't do it. I offered to help her (he made no attempt at restraining me) but he shouted, "Nein!" So I just hung around the room, grabbed a beer and watched this girl try to solve her puzzles.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dream 6. Basement Kitchen.

I had recently moved into a large older home. It was laid out strange. I can't recall precisely what the upstairs consisted of. Probably living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and whatnot. I remember the basement vividly. There was a long hallway, lined with bedrooms. Everything was lit with florescent lights. The hallway ended in the kitchen. A basement kitchen. It had a small dining room on the side. There were no windows throughout the entire basement, kitchen included. It was carpeted in goldish and brown thin carpet. It felt like it was straight out of the seventies.

There were people over, my friends. They were dispersed throughout the house playing some sort of fancy game of tag. I was in the basement kitchen the entire time. Although the lighting was dim and the kitchen was small and windowless, I was very happy. I cooked some dinner and then sat and went through the cabinets. The former owners had left a lot on the dining room cabinets. These cabinets were so deep, they were like small closets. There were boxes of things, mostly decorations and such for different holidays. There were a few people down there with me going through all the stuff. I was ridiculously happy.


This is one of those mood-setting dreams. I dreamed it this morning at around 10:00. It is now 7:45 pm and I can still picture this awesome basement kitchen. I can't figure out why the kitchen was so amazing, but thinking about it makes me feel cozy. Normally a small windowless room would make me very claustrophobic. I didn't feel that anywhere in this dream.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dream 5. Levitation.

My family was running an old hotel. Mine and my brother's families lived in big apartments off the lobby. The apartments had older 70's decor, lots of orange, red, and gold colors, wood panel walls, lots of macrame owls and plant hangers. There was a screened-in porch with artificial grass carpeting and lawn chairs. Charlie, the kids, and Aaron were out there hanging out, being lazy and talking.

I was there with them, sitting and playing with a pencil, then sat it down on a table and began to concentrate on it, holding my hands close to it, willing it to move. It started to levitate, but no one saw. I went out to an outer patio by myself and laid down on a lounge chair. There was a pile of junk and shoes beside me, and I stuck my feet out next to a pair of Crocs, again concentrating intensely. One of the shoes began to levitate. This time, Charlie walked out and witnessed it.

I went back inside and explained to everyone what I could do. I levitated the pencil, this time with ease, and went inside to see what else I could move with my mind. I concentrated on the sofa (the uncomfortable antique sort with fancy wooden trim), but instead of moving it, I forced sound from it. I concentrated on just one sound, one note, at first. Eventually, I had it playing the tune to Row Row Row Your Boat.

Skip forward (as I don't remember parts of the dream), I had perfected my technique and could make the furniture speak words, even full sentences, but only in my voice.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dream 4. A Study in Blue.

I was in a pocket park that seemed to be an extension of our yard. It resembled the pocket park in downtown Harrisonburg. There were little spiders everywhere and I was spraying them all with bug spray, until I found this big blue spider the size of a softball. It looked more like a little octopus than a spider, and it was moving slowly back and forth across a long web that stretched across the pocket park.

I took a photo and brought it to a detective, which turned out to be Sherlock (the Cumberbach version). He googled, "spider that looks like blue octopus," but before he solved my octospider (or arachnopus?) mystery, he heard of an accident over a radio and said, "This sounds important," and we quickly got a cab.

We arrived at the scene of a school bus accident. There were two buses full of teenagers on the way back from a sporting event. One of them was just dented a little, no bad damage and the kids on it were fine. The other bus had exploded. Police officers were everywhere, trying to find any traces of the kids that had been on the exploded bus. They couldn't find anything and there was a crowd forming, so we were all asked to leave the scene and go home.

There was a small forest next to the scene of the accident, and the entire crowd had to walk through it to get home. I had Lucy with me (she just sort of appeared next to me at the scene). While we were walking through the woods, we started to see feet and hands lying on the ground. People began to scream and run, realizing it was exploded teenager parts they were walking through.

Someone organized a way to remember the dead teens. They would go on a walk together, all wearing blue shirts. I didn't want to go, but I got caught up in it because I was wearing my work uniform so my shirt was blue. They assumed I did this for the walk. I was walking along with the crowd and broke away from them to help some other people (who were also wearing blue) build a wooden wall.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dream 3. Chased by The Joker

I dreamed that I was a teenager at a house party. I was not Jenny, I was the girl who lived in the house and my dad was throwing a party. It was a large house that resembled the white house in the movie Halloween where Laurie's friends were killed. I had a few friends with me and one seemed to be my best friend. She had a crush on a guy who looked to be maybe 40 years old. He was wearing khaki shorts and a purple t-shirt and had a long thin face. We didn't know him, but apparently he was friends with my dad. My best friend and I were sitting on the stairs, alone and away from the rest of the party, and she was telling me how much she liked the purple shirted man, and that she had never been kissed in her life.

(Then comes a fuzzy part of the dream, which I'm having a hard time remembering). I think we witnessed him killing someone. There was a man with us, a good friend of the family, in his 50's or 60's. He was a scientist or doctor (or both). He knew that the purple shirted man was bad and was trying to help us get away. The party was over and the purple shirted man was still there alone with us in the house. I don't think he knew we witnessed him killing. He was acting casual and flirty. We started trying to get away from him and he started chasing us. His face began to look exactly like The Joker's (not from the movies, more from The Killing Joke). He had the killer hand buzzer that the Jack Nicholson Joker had, and he was coming after us, with his big maniacal grin.

He caught my friend, and she begged him not to kill her, that she had never even been kissed. Then he started to look normal again, and he kissed her, and she looked like she relaxed. Then he peeled her face off. Somehow her brains were coming out a little around her forehead. They were going in and out of her head as she was breathing. I ran out of the house and he ran after me, but I could still see what was happening in the room. The other man, the scientist/doctor/friend of the family came out of a door in the floor. He put my friend on a stretcher and pulled her down to his submarine, where he said he could fix her up and she would be good as new.

The Joker (this is what I'm going to call Purple Shirted Guy now) was chasing me as I was running past my neighbors' houses in the dark. I was looking more for a place to hide rather than for someone to help me. I ran past a children's birthday party. There were torches lighting the yard and hanging lanterns. I ran from it, not wanting him to follow me there and kill the children. I ran across the road, where there was a field with trees, then a river. I tried climbing a tree. I got up to one of the low branches and shimmied to the end, only to realize that the branch was bending so far down from my weight that it was nearly touching the ground. I ran to the edge of the river where the tallest weeds were waist-high, and a laid down in them. There was no sign of me, and The Joker asked some people, who were just sitting there by the river talking, if they had seen me. When he was around other people, his face became normal. People trusted him without his grin. The people hadn't seen me, and they told him so. He left me there.

I could see the rest of it, him talking to my father and the police, even though I was still hiding in the weeds in the dark by the river. He was back at my house, and no one suspected anything was amiss about this guy. He seemed genuinely worried that my friend and I were missing.

End of dream.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tons of old dreams

I found a file on my external hard drive, it's full of dreams. Years of my dreams. I had been posting to my main blog over the years and decided to compile them all into one epic saga of brain gibberish. I put them here more for my own enjoyment than for anyone else's, as I have an unnatural obsession with my nocturnal mind dramas. Sometimes they give me inspiration for a poem. I hope this way they won't be lost.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dream 2. Bukowski and Hiking

So, I have only posted one dream. Lame. I remember bits of my dreams from last night, but I have a bad cold. This means I sound even more like a muppet than normal, so I guess some of these posts will just be...typed.

I dreamed that I worked in a video store. A lot like Hastings. Big stretch there. And Charles Bukowski walked up to the counter. He asked me to find him a video. He gave me little descriptions, and by the time I got the full picture of what he actually wanted, I realized it was a documentary about himself. I was suddenly in a small apartment with him, asking him if he wanted wine or liquor.

Next dream, I was hiking through a sparse forest with my mother. It felt like there was something in the trees that I was really excited for people to see. Don't remember if we found it, I probably woke up.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dream 1. Murder, Bleeding, and Accidental Death

I've had this idea for awhile, for a dream diary. I know it's not exactly original, the idea, but I needed a place to store my subconscious movies. I had been typing them out and posting them to my blog or sometimes Facebook, but I think I lose something in the process of typing them out. These will be the audio recordings from when I first wake up, of me retelling the dreams when they are still fresh in my memory (and yes, I normally recall several per night).

The video part will hopefully become more interesting as I learn how to do different things with it. Right now, just deal with a pretty picture while you listen to me ramble. The audio is also a bit scratchy and messy, it's the voice recorder on my phone. I'll try to find a way to make future audio sound cleaner, but for now, whatever.