Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dream 4. A Study in Blue.

I was in a pocket park that seemed to be an extension of our yard. It resembled the pocket park in downtown Harrisonburg. There were little spiders everywhere and I was spraying them all with bug spray, until I found this big blue spider the size of a softball. It looked more like a little octopus than a spider, and it was moving slowly back and forth across a long web that stretched across the pocket park.

I took a photo and brought it to a detective, which turned out to be Sherlock (the Cumberbach version). He googled, "spider that looks like blue octopus," but before he solved my octospider (or arachnopus?) mystery, he heard of an accident over a radio and said, "This sounds important," and we quickly got a cab.

We arrived at the scene of a school bus accident. There were two buses full of teenagers on the way back from a sporting event. One of them was just dented a little, no bad damage and the kids on it were fine. The other bus had exploded. Police officers were everywhere, trying to find any traces of the kids that had been on the exploded bus. They couldn't find anything and there was a crowd forming, so we were all asked to leave the scene and go home.

There was a small forest next to the scene of the accident, and the entire crowd had to walk through it to get home. I had Lucy with me (she just sort of appeared next to me at the scene). While we were walking through the woods, we started to see feet and hands lying on the ground. People began to scream and run, realizing it was exploded teenager parts they were walking through.

Someone organized a way to remember the dead teens. They would go on a walk together, all wearing blue shirts. I didn't want to go, but I got caught up in it because I was wearing my work uniform so my shirt was blue. They assumed I did this for the walk. I was walking along with the crowd and broke away from them to help some other people (who were also wearing blue) build a wooden wall.