Friday, July 11, 2014

Dream 9. A Rich Vampire Calls the Salvation Army.

I was with a group of very irritating people who were all loitering at a rich asshole's house. No one really liked this guy, they were all there mooching -- eating his food, drinking his wine, throwing little parties in various parts of the house. He finally got sick of everyone and called the Salvation Army to come get ALL of his stuff.

I did outside near the big front entrance to the house as the Salvation Army people showed up. They were dressed as posh little bell hops. Everyone else started trickling out of the house to watch the Salvation Army people carry the rich asshole's belongings to their trucks. I grabbed a wine glass as they were

We all started to notice just how much old stuff was coming out of the house. Not just like antiques,

DAMMIT, I left this unfinished as a draft and can't remember the rest. Long story short, I found out somehow that the guy was a vampire.