Friday, September 16, 2016

Dream 17. I live in the parking lot.

I was going in to work after having a week or more off. When I arrived, there were three people working the front desk; Christine, Daniel, and a new guy (some ginger teenager know-it-all that I immediately hated).
As soon as I got to the desk, I was stuck with some angry couple with a dog, who had been waiting hours to check into a suite (room 112). It took me awhile to check them in because the computer system had completely changed while I was away and I couldn't tell whether the room was clean yet. They had also ordered a brownie, so I scooped out a brownie from a pan at the desk, dropped it on the floor, and handed it to them. They left to go to their room, bitching about me under their breath.
As I was complaining about the couple to Christine, they came back through the lobby, and the man shouted at me, "Thanks for using Q Tips!" I told him you're welcome. I had just cleaned my ears before work, and I couldn't tell if his remark was sarcastic or not. I asked Christine whether she uses Q Tips as directed, like just cleans the outside part of the ear, or sticks them in the ear canal. Because I stick my Q Tips all the way inside my ears. She just stared at me like I was stupid and never replied.
When my shift was over, I walked out to the parking lot with Daniel. It resembled a mall parking lot and there was all this construction going on. We walked past the construction workers to the corner of the lot, where all my furniture was set up. Apparently I sort of temporarily lived in the parking lot? We sat down in some recliners and smoked some weed. I explained indignantly that I was not homeless, this was just how it had to be for awhile.
Charlie came by to pick up a lamp. We hadn't split up or anything, so I still don't know why I was living in the parking lot. We all went back into the building to get it. Julie was holding up a floor lamp that looked like a big cocktail glass when we walked in. I told her that was mine and she just glared at me and shouted,  "UNPROFESSIONAL!"
(When I woke up, I was immediately disappointed with myself for checking a pet into a suite.)