Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dream 3. Chased by The Joker

I dreamed that I was a teenager at a house party. I was not Jenny, I was the girl who lived in the house and my dad was throwing a party. It was a large house that resembled the white house in the movie Halloween where Laurie's friends were killed. I had a few friends with me and one seemed to be my best friend. She had a crush on a guy who looked to be maybe 40 years old. He was wearing khaki shorts and a purple t-shirt and had a long thin face. We didn't know him, but apparently he was friends with my dad. My best friend and I were sitting on the stairs, alone and away from the rest of the party, and she was telling me how much she liked the purple shirted man, and that she had never been kissed in her life.

(Then comes a fuzzy part of the dream, which I'm having a hard time remembering). I think we witnessed him killing someone. There was a man with us, a good friend of the family, in his 50's or 60's. He was a scientist or doctor (or both). He knew that the purple shirted man was bad and was trying to help us get away. The party was over and the purple shirted man was still there alone with us in the house. I don't think he knew we witnessed him killing. He was acting casual and flirty. We started trying to get away from him and he started chasing us. His face began to look exactly like The Joker's (not from the movies, more from The Killing Joke). He had the killer hand buzzer that the Jack Nicholson Joker had, and he was coming after us, with his big maniacal grin.

He caught my friend, and she begged him not to kill her, that she had never even been kissed. Then he started to look normal again, and he kissed her, and she looked like she relaxed. Then he peeled her face off. Somehow her brains were coming out a little around her forehead. They were going in and out of her head as she was breathing. I ran out of the house and he ran after me, but I could still see what was happening in the room. The other man, the scientist/doctor/friend of the family came out of a door in the floor. He put my friend on a stretcher and pulled her down to his submarine, where he said he could fix her up and she would be good as new.

The Joker (this is what I'm going to call Purple Shirted Guy now) was chasing me as I was running past my neighbors' houses in the dark. I was looking more for a place to hide rather than for someone to help me. I ran past a children's birthday party. There were torches lighting the yard and hanging lanterns. I ran from it, not wanting him to follow me there and kill the children. I ran across the road, where there was a field with trees, then a river. I tried climbing a tree. I got up to one of the low branches and shimmied to the end, only to realize that the branch was bending so far down from my weight that it was nearly touching the ground. I ran to the edge of the river where the tallest weeds were waist-high, and a laid down in them. There was no sign of me, and The Joker asked some people, who were just sitting there by the river talking, if they had seen me. When he was around other people, his face became normal. People trusted him without his grin. The people hadn't seen me, and they told him so. He left me there.

I could see the rest of it, him talking to my father and the police, even though I was still hiding in the weeds in the dark by the river. He was back at my house, and no one suspected anything was amiss about this guy. He seemed genuinely worried that my friend and I were missing.

End of dream.