Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dream 18. Where should I shoot her?

I was at a comedy club, one of three people that had entered a stand-up comedy contest: an Asian-looking girl, Daniel, and myself. Apparently this was round two of the two night contest. Everyone had done really well the night before, but this time I was out of material. It was all improv, nothing planned ahead of time. I got up and tried to tell the story of that one time my dad had tried to use a jet pack (apparently that had happened earlier in the dream, but I don't remember enough of it), but it was one of those moments where you had to have been there, and I bombed terribly and lost the contest. I think the Asian girl won.

I was at my house with Hillary and Daniel, except it was my parents' house in WA and we were all teenagers. I was ridiculously drunk and we were all hanging out in my room lighting incense and listening to music while my brother was going into a drunken rage out in the hall about these damn liberals and there's not enough god in the world and guns and yada yada yada.

I stumbled out to ask my mom something and my brother chased me back to my room with a very long shotgun pointed at my face. He kept asking Hillary and Daniel, "Where should I shoot her?" and everyone was just sort of frozen. I was trying to push the end of the gun away from me. Then this 4 foot tall squattish balding dude with very thick glasses, who we were calling Cousin Ned, jumped up on my brother from behind and snapped his neck. Before the police arrived, I ran around the house throwing away all reminders of my brother and ripping family photos off the walls.