Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dream 19. Childhood Basement.

I was at a cave, which I called my childhood basement. It resembled a basement at first, with a staircase leading up (reminded me of the stairs in a movie theater between the seats). The further it led up, the more it resembled an attic. This is apparently where I had spent a lot of time playing as a child. It was dark and dusty. There were faded things I had written on the walls in crayon, papers with pictures I had drawn, things carved into wooden beams.

There were ghosts at an old apartment at the top of the stairs. Three women that had been dead since the 19th century. Two of the ghosts showed themselves once in a while on the stairs. One was a standard semi-transparent ghost. The other was tangible. I brushed against her once walking up. The third stayed in the apartment at the top of the stairs, moving things around, making her presence known without being seen.

I had flashbacks of my childhood. I had a friend that used to play there with me when I was around 6 or 7. It was Elijah Wood. Young Elijah Wood, I mean. We would go up to the haunted apartment and look through the ghosts' old belongings. We had found a woman, presumably the third ghost, hanging from a ceiling beam in the bedroom. We ran to tell adults, but when police came, no body was found.

Flash to present day. I was visiting the basement-attic-cave with Hillary and her boys, showing them around and such. We didn't see the ghosts, but I felt that they were still there. I was trying to explain to Hillary that there was one spot in the cave where I remember saying a certain phrase and something completely different had come out of my mouth. I found the phrase written on the back of a piece of paper, but spoke the words and they sounded normal.

Then, probably a different dream...I was waiting with Mandy for a ship to dock outside with a delivery. The ship captain was Sacha Baron Cohen, and he was being exceptionally rude to me. I remember leaning over to Mandy and whispering, "Sacha Baron Cohen is an ASSHOLE."

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dream 18. Where should I shoot her?

I was at a comedy club, one of three people that had entered a stand-up comedy contest: an Asian-looking girl, Daniel, and myself. Apparently this was round two of the two night contest. Everyone had done really well the night before, but this time I was out of material. It was all improv, nothing planned ahead of time. I got up and tried to tell the story of that one time my dad had tried to use a jet pack (apparently that had happened earlier in the dream, but I don't remember enough of it), but it was one of those moments where you had to have been there, and I bombed terribly and lost the contest. I think the Asian girl won.

I was at my house with Hillary and Daniel, except it was my parents' house in WA and we were all teenagers. I was ridiculously drunk and we were all hanging out in my room lighting incense and listening to music while my brother was going into a drunken rage out in the hall about these damn liberals and there's not enough god in the world and guns and yada yada yada.

I stumbled out to ask my mom something and my brother chased me back to my room with a very long shotgun pointed at my face. He kept asking Hillary and Daniel, "Where should I shoot her?" and everyone was just sort of frozen. I was trying to push the end of the gun away from me. Then this 4 foot tall squattish balding dude with very thick glasses, who we were calling Cousin Ned, jumped up on my brother from behind and snapped his neck. Before the police arrived, I ran around the house throwing away all reminders of my brother and ripping family photos off the walls.

Friday, March 3, 2017

My 2013 Godzilla dreams.


I had a dream this afternoon, that I was helping someone's family flee from Godzilla. Half of their house was on fire, planes were in the air dropping bombs all around us, everyone was screaming and all I was concerned with was making sure everyone was wearing comfortable shoes.


 I had a Godzilla dream again. Halfway through the dream, he turned into something that looked more like a talking velociraptor, and he was taunting me in a Hannibal Lecter voice. Later I was smoking and hanging out with Manda Lee. We were swinging on a swing set and talking about how Godzilla is such a mind-game playing asshole.