Monday, September 23, 2013

Dream 6. Basement Kitchen.

I had recently moved into a large older home. It was laid out strange. I can't recall precisely what the upstairs consisted of. Probably living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and whatnot. I remember the basement vividly. There was a long hallway, lined with bedrooms. Everything was lit with florescent lights. The hallway ended in the kitchen. A basement kitchen. It had a small dining room on the side. There were no windows throughout the entire basement, kitchen included. It was carpeted in goldish and brown thin carpet. It felt like it was straight out of the seventies.

There were people over, my friends. They were dispersed throughout the house playing some sort of fancy game of tag. I was in the basement kitchen the entire time. Although the lighting was dim and the kitchen was small and windowless, I was very happy. I cooked some dinner and then sat and went through the cabinets. The former owners had left a lot on the dining room cabinets. These cabinets were so deep, they were like small closets. There were boxes of things, mostly decorations and such for different holidays. There were a few people down there with me going through all the stuff. I was ridiculously happy.


This is one of those mood-setting dreams. I dreamed it this morning at around 10:00. It is now 7:45 pm and I can still picture this awesome basement kitchen. I can't figure out why the kitchen was so amazing, but thinking about it makes me feel cozy. Normally a small windowless room would make me very claustrophobic. I didn't feel that anywhere in this dream.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dream 5. Levitation.

My family was running an old hotel. Mine and my brother's families lived in big apartments off the lobby. The apartments had older 70's decor, lots of orange, red, and gold colors, wood panel walls, lots of macrame owls and plant hangers. There was a screened-in porch with artificial grass carpeting and lawn chairs. Charlie, the kids, and Aaron were out there hanging out, being lazy and talking.

I was there with them, sitting and playing with a pencil, then sat it down on a table and began to concentrate on it, holding my hands close to it, willing it to move. It started to levitate, but no one saw. I went out to an outer patio by myself and laid down on a lounge chair. There was a pile of junk and shoes beside me, and I stuck my feet out next to a pair of Crocs, again concentrating intensely. One of the shoes began to levitate. This time, Charlie walked out and witnessed it.

I went back inside and explained to everyone what I could do. I levitated the pencil, this time with ease, and went inside to see what else I could move with my mind. I concentrated on the sofa (the uncomfortable antique sort with fancy wooden trim), but instead of moving it, I forced sound from it. I concentrated on just one sound, one note, at first. Eventually, I had it playing the tune to Row Row Row Your Boat.

Skip forward (as I don't remember parts of the dream), I had perfected my technique and could make the furniture speak words, even full sentences, but only in my voice.