Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dream 11. No Fun With Jim Morrison

I was someone else, a woman in my twenties. I was in a relationship with Jim Morrison. It was present day, but he wasn't old. But older than 27. Maybe 40ish. And he was a raging asshole. Beautiful, rich, incredibly cool, but a real shady jerk.

He was into some sort of illegal financial scheme with two men, stuffy lawyer types, nervous guys, with briefcases and boring names. I didn't know the details, but they were having a meeting in his house, which was this big mansion. I walked in after the meeting, after Jim had went out and the two men should have been gone as well. One of the men was still in the room, looking through Jim's things, taking papers and stuffing them into bags. When he saw that I had caught him, he asked me for help. He told me that Jim was doing things that were dangerous and illegal and that he needed to be turned in. I just needed to keep quiet and let this man take all the evidence to the police. So I did. I let him take everything he needed, and promised not to tell Jim. I went to another room to hide until everything blew over, because I knew Jim would be terrible when he returned.

Jim came home after the man left. The room the meeting had been held in was in disarray, with all the file cabinets and drawers hanging open and papers everywhere. Jim walked in and became enraged. He had been drinking heavily. I sneaked out the front door and ran to my car, then realized I had left my car keys somewhere in the house. When I went back in, Jim heard me. He called for me to come upstairs, so I did.

He was drunk and angry with me. I was more interested in covering my own ass than helping the lawyer man. I told him that the lawyer guy was up there going over papers. I told him that I had no idea what sort of work the man did, so I didn't know what he was doing was wrong. No, I didn't help the man. I just thought it was business as usual. No, that man never told me anything, just took some papers with him for some unknown reason.

He believed it or he didn't, I couldn't tell, but he backhanded me and I fell into some boxes in the corner. I was terrified.

That is all.