Friday, February 12, 2016

Dream 14. School Bus.

I was on my way to test drive a car that my brother had called and told me about. At the dealership, they had it set up where everyone test drove the cars to the same place on the other end of town, then had to leave the cars there and board an old school bus that would then drive them back to the dealership.

I have no recollection of driving the car. Next thing I remember, I was on the bus, which was packed with tons of people. We stopped at a stop light in front of the dealership, and a man was outside motioning for the bus driving to come off the bus. As soon as the driver opened the bus doors, the man shot him. Then the gunman starting pacing back and forth, screaming to himself and waving the gun around.

I said to some of the other people on the bus that I was going to escape out the back door and that they should follow me, which seemed like an awful plan, as the gunman would almost definitely see us. None of them followed me in my escape, they all thought it was too dangerous. When I slipped out the back door, I saw the gunman was near the front of the bus fussing with the driver, who was not yet dead and had tried to climb back into the bus.

As the gunman shot the driver again, I quickly sneaked past and back toward the dealership. I glanced back and saw the gunman was on the bus, shooting each person in the head. But each time he put the gun to one of the passenger's heads, the person would laugh right before they were killed.

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