Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dream 13. Bathroom Inspector

I was the star of a reality TV show. My job was to go to businesses that had someone recently die in the building, and inspect the back bathroom while a camera crew followed me around. Every place I went to was laid out roughly the same, with the back bathroom in the exact same location in the building.

I got a call to go out to a building in a sketchy part of town. I went to the place with my camera crew in tow. A big mafia type guy answered the door, and I asked if they had a recent death in the building. The guy smiled and told me yeah, so I was pretty sure he had killed the person himself. He let me in and let me look for the bathroom on my own. I went to the place where the back bathroom should have been, but there was only a wall. No door.

Mafia guy asked me if I was looking for the bathroom, to which I replied yeah, and he said, "Oh, well that's in the basement," and pointed to a hole in the corner of the room. A metal ladder went down at least 20 feet before it was hidden in dark. My camera crew waited, the guy holding the camera motioned me to go ahead. Mafia guy stood there grinning and staring at me. I started like I was going to climb down and stopped. "NO, I'M TOO SCAAARED," I yelled, and got so embarrassed that this was on live TV that I ran away and went into hiding.

I was suddenly in some foreign country, on a boat tied to a dock, wearing a ridiculous disguise.

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